ORTHBOT, Robotics in Orthopedic Surgery
The latest design of FUTURTEC, the ORTHBOT spinal surgery navigation system, has got MDR CE certified in May 2023.
ORTHBOT is suitable for pre-operative planning, intra-operative navigation and positioning and insertion of K-wire in spine surgery to assist in the completion of operation smoothly and safely.
Based on self-developed navigation function, FUTURTEC is the first surgical robot to expand the function of automated K-wire placement. FUTURTEC is also the first surgical robot that truly able to replace the doctor’s manual operation with its real-time monitoring, penetration protection and other functions to ensure safety and accuracy during spine surgery.
Based on self-development, FUTURTEC has completely mastered research and development of underlying algorithms, core control system, navigation and positioning system, and surgical related tools. FUTURTEC keeps serving needed patients by improving prognosis of orthopedic surgeries with self-developed technology and cooperation with local clinicians, through which we promote the development of the hospital discipline.
Intelligent K-wire placement
Visualized Pressure Feedback
Dual-cam visible light optical navigation system
Non-invasive positioning solution
Beyond navigation, ORTHBOT truly in the surgery
Doctors input preset parameters and command in advance, and ORTHBOT performs the K-wire placement under supervision automatically.
Visualized Pressure Feedback
The special design makes ORTHBOT possible to monitor any changes of pressure during K-wire placement and map as a waveform of pressure feedback. To ensure safety, doctors can monitor the whole procedure together with ORTHBOT and the system would stop advancing once there’s any risk of penetration automatically.
Non-invasive positioning solution
Compatible with self-developed navigation and positioning system, ORTHBOT is able to couple with a C-arm to guarantee the accuracy of positioning and avoid interference from surrounding environment.
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