FUTURTEC was established in 2015 as a national high-tech enterprise in China. FUTURTEC is committed to building up an innovative platform for the research and development of intelligent orthopedic surgical robots.
The company is composed of an international team with rich industry experience and innovative capabilities. We have a solid technical foundation in the field of orthopedic surgical robots, medical imaging, and artificial intelligence.So far, we have set up two R&D centers in both Shenzhen city and Suzhou city. To fulfill the designation of the next generation of orthopedic surgical robots, our R&D team has a multiple disciplinary, medical and engineering mixed background in terms of software and hardware.
The company's latest product, the ORHTBOT surgical robot, was officially approved by NMPA in February 2021, and approved by MDR CE in May 2023. It's the first orthopedic intelligent surgery system with navigation and automatic execution that approved in the market of China and Europe. And ORTHBOT is the only Chinese company that have got MDR CE certified in the field. Besides spinal surgical robot, we are also working on robots against joint replacement and orthopedic trauma. So far FUTURTEC has obtained and applied for over 126 patents both domestically and internationally.
Our vision is to care life with technology and be a leader of the industry.
Established in Shenzhen
Applied patents
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Shenzhen Futurtec Medical Co., Ltd.
Our head quarter locates in Medical Industrial Park Nanshan district, Shenzhen city with over 1,000 sqm for R&D.
And we have set up a factory with over 1,600 sqm in Guangming district, Shenzhen city for production.
Futurtec(Suzhou)Medical Co., Ltd.
A total investment of more than RMB 30 million yuan and an area of over 3,000 sqm of Innovative R&D and production base of FUTURTEC that set up in the Medical Device Industrial Park of Suzhou Hi-Tech Zone in February 2022.
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